A list of just some of the other
projects that I have led strategically
that I’d be happy to send information
on if useful.

Warner Music artist development workshops
Created a sprint workshop to help Warner labels to understand their artists audience and culture, going through a series of exercises from lay of the land, to inspiration, to setting the challenging, ideating solutions and finally prioritising the ideas that come out the session. We then ran one of these session with Parlophone, recruiting culture insiders within the music world, but outside of major labels, facilitating the session with the culture insiders and Parlohone team. 

Warner Music diversity workhop facilitation and consultancy
Facilitated a series of diversity workshops for Warner, ideating routes to increase diversity and diversity training within the organisation. Supporting the HR team through a consultancy lens during the workshop.

Barclays youth content strategy
Developed a content strategy for students, graduates and young professionals across all of Barclays touchpoints. This piece of work included stakeholder interviews, research workshops with each audience and content strategy creation.

Barclays Life Skills Champions
Worked as part of a cross agency team to develop the Barclays Life Skills Champions experience. A Life Skills Champion is somebody who completes a certain number of peer sharing tasks through Life Skills, introducing peers to the programme. I ran various research groups and worked with the wider agency team to define the key tasks and experience of the Champions programme.

RAF BAME recruitment
Ran an in depth research project for the RAF looking to address their diversity issues, specifically focused on race and increasing the % of BAME applicants. We ran a series of workshops in 4 locations in the UK, speaking with 60 16 - 20 year olds from a mix of ethnicities, genders and socio-economic backgrounds. We spoke to recent BAME recruits to the RAF to gain their experience. Visited RAF bases, school events and spoke to parents of BAME children around the country. Culminating in a detailed report with recommendations on how the RAF attract a higher % of BAME applicants and what they change in the recruitment process to convert a higher % of these applicants to serving airmen and women. This strategy is now in the process of being applied within the service with our support.

Red Bull Amaphiko UK
Worked with brand lead at Red Bull UK to sell Red Bull Amaphiko into the UK. Amaphiko is Red Bulls social enterprise programme where they run events and support young social enterprises with mentoring and funding. It is a programme that they run around the world but that the UK team had never bought into. The head of brand was passionate for it to come to the UK so inlisted us to create a strategy and selection of crative routes that got the UK team excited. We created this pitch and then presented it at their company meeting to the whole UK team (250 strong) including the CEO. Post presentation it was called out as the best part of the day and the UK team are now working towards the first UK Amaphiko event.

EE Content strategy and training
Created a in depth content strategy for EE in the UK. The content startegy included all digital touchpoints for EE from their website to CRM and social channels. This project included training the 50+ strong EE content team on how to implement the new strategy.