Nominet Digital Neighbourhood

Launch Elite, a brand new, Spanish language, young adult show globally for Netflix
With actors from other young adult shows we knew we could play with the STAN mentality to launch this show. Feeding their obsession and allowing there fandom make the story spread to the mass audience. Blurring the real world with the fake to intrigue our audience.
We recreated a party scene from episode one of the show where we brought together 20+ global influencers and the shows cast. We shot a fake party over 2 days that hinted at various story lines in the show, whilst also having the influencers capture the party on their Instagram stories like they were really there. We then launched the party to the influencers stories all at the same time, building intrigue around why these actors and influencers are a party together before dropping the official teaser that we created to reveal the show.

My Role:Strategist

As part of the team I set the strategy for the shows launch and worked with the creative team and account team to sell the idea into the client as well as develop the idea up to launch with influencer selection, creative reviews and communications planning.