A bit about me


A bit about my ‘work’, in whatever guise that takes.

If I’m to sum myself up by work then I’m a senior strategist with experience across brand, communication, product and service design strategy with my main passion lying in the latter.

I’m not really happy just being that though. I’m always looking to explore things, to do creative projects of my own back, to test myself and to put things out into the world. Hopefully making a positive impact on the world in some small way, and sometimes big way as I go.

I’m inquisitive about culture and the way that people live their lives, from the seemingly mundain to the lifechanging moments and how they deal with them or think about them.
I love field research and I want to do more of it, getting out into the world and observing people, speaking to them in their natural habitat and understanding their lives, their different perspectives. This is where I believe the best strategic thinking comes from, backed up by data of course by rooted in conversations with real people with real lives.

I’ve spent my career working across various agencies and industries, working with clients from goverment bodies and charities through to global entertainment properties watched by millions and small start ups that are trying to break new ground. You can see more on my experience on my CV page, and see the brands I’ve worked with on the page with that name too.

But mainly when it comes to “work” in whatever guise that takes, I just want to solve problems that I’m passionate about effectively as I can, making a positive impact on the world and enjoying it as I go.

Past roles:

Livity: Senior Strategist (Nov 17 - Current)
Livity: Strategist (Nov 16 - Nov 17)
OLIVER / Dare / Adjust Your Set: Strategist (Nov 15 - Oct 16)
OLIVER: Social media strategist (Feb 14 - Oct 15)
Wow Stuff: Digital marketing manager (Apr 2013 - Dec 2014)
Tin Angel Records: Marketing assistant (Oct 2011 - Mar 2013)